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About the Author

Andrea A. Lewis is an author, corporate executive, entrepreneur and mom who began her path to success with only self-belief and a one-way ticket to Chicago.


A 20-year corporate communications executive, Andrea has guided Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits through some of the largest publicized crises, acquisitions and brand launches in history. After her most recent position with a large nonprofit serving 21 million children and teens, Andrea decided to intersect her love of writing and art with her passion for inspiring self-belief and created Life Lessons for Building Kid Charisma™ – a life wisdom series to build self-esteem in kids. 


Derived from life lessons that shape Andrea’s character strength, her book Love Yourself(ie), Life Lessons for Building Kid Charisma™, a collaboration with nationally renown beauty expert Nicole Pearl, helps preteens, ages 9 to 13, use social media without deflating self-worth – by teaching how to use self-acceptance to be true to oneself and prevent others from influencing bad feelings and behaviors. Additionally, inspired by the wisdom of people from all walks of life, Andrea created the @lifelessons4kidcharisma Photography Collection – a digital gallery of images, through the lens of photographer Michael Bullard, of everyday people and the wisdoms they offer younger generations – to inspire more kids to know they can achieve anything with self-love, determination and resilience.

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